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2019 Students Inside Albany Conference

students in lectureJust last week, 60 high school students from across the state came to Albany to learn how to engage with their state government. The students were excited and interested in learning how to become part of the governmental decision-making process. The 60 students came from 43 local Leagues, MAL Units and ILOs; 16 boys and 44 girls. We will have a full summary of their activities posted on the state website under Youth Programs in the next week – but as usual, the highlight was shadowing their Assembly member and Senator each afternoon. They also visited the Court of Appeals and heard speakers on running for office and from other lobby groups. The comments from the students at the end justified the hard work:

  • It really gave me an in-depth look at the inner workings of our government
  • I’ve become more motivated to bring up issues that matter to me and start change in my community
  • A lot of my opinions were challenged and it was a great learning experience
  • I was surprised how closely my assembly member and senator work together for my community
  • Politicians are real people, too! I wasn’t afraid to ask any kind of question.
  • I learned that the politicians are actually there for the people, not themselves
  • I was surprised at how much Democrats and Republicans compromised and worked together
  • I want to run for state assembly now!
  • It change my view on politics from why don’t they pass that bill to where are they getting the funding for that bill.
  • It shed light on the legislative process and made me rethink things.

students in front of a statue

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