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action alert for fair


CALL Presiding Officer Norma Gonsalves at 516-571-6213 to demand action on redistricting reform!

If you call during the day, they may ask your address and other information.

If you call in the evening, you can leave a message.

TELL THEM: “Hi, my name is ____________________. I’m calling to urge Presiding Officer Gonsalves to support fair, effective redistricting in Nassau County. Our current redistricting process divides our communities and weakens our ability to make ourselves heard. Legislators must reform this system to make sure all of our votes count equally. They should put the interests of communities above short-term political interests. Thank you!”

WHEN YOU’RE DONE: Email info@nassauunitedredistricting.org to let us know that you made a call. Thank you!

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