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Man with concealed weaponThe First Amendment protects freedom of speech.  Anyone can say whatever they wish, without government interference.  A basic truth not stated in the amendment is you are free to say what you wish, but you are responsible for what you say.  The popular example is shouting fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire.  You can be prosecuted for the damage your words cause.  In short, freedom of speech does not free you from being responsible for the consequences of your words.

Many people believe the Second Amendment gives people the right to bear arms.  The missing link is not holding the weapon owner responsible for the use of their weapon.  Responsibility means civil and/or criminal responsibility.  The Sandy Hook School shooter used his mother’s weapon.  He was not stable mentally but the mother was stable and therefore she was free to own the weapon.  However, she was not morally free to store her weapon so it was available to her mentally unstable son.  Her negligence with her lethal weapon was the basic cause of many deaths.  Not a word of criticism of her was heard even though her irresponsibility caused the death of so many very young children.

The National Rifle Association is correct!  Guns don’t kill people.  People (using guns) kill people.

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