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Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to both men and women. There are approximately 46 local Leagues across New York State. Joining at the local league level automatically confers membership at every level: local, state and national. Membership provides the opportunity to be actively involved in local, state and national issues.

Membership provides the opportunity to be actively involved in local, state and national issues. To learn more about local issues, local League meetings and educational forums, or to join the League, please contact

Questions? We’re happy to answer any that you have so be sure to contact us.




Because you want to make a difference. You know the future depends on people like you-people learning about the issues, speaking out and seeking positive solutions to the problems confronting our communities and our country. When you join the League of Women Voters, you’re doing something good for democracy – and good for you. As a member of the League, you will:

  • Stay Informed About Issues and Government
  • Make Your Voice Heard
  • Sharpen Your Skills


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Barbara Josepher, Treasurer
339 Cold Spring Road
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Please note: Membership and Contributions are not tax deductible.


Today, the League is engaged in an exciting new effort to do something about distrust and hostility that dominate public debate in America:

  • We’re Advocating for changes in the political process, including campaign finance reforms that reduce special interest influence and make elections fair.
  • We’re Getting Voters to the polls, because the system won’t change unless we all hold government accountable and vote.
  • We’re Creating Opportunities for citizens to come together to discuss issues and shape solutions for the future.
  • We’re Educating Citizens, giving them the knowledge and the tools they need to make a difference.