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August 2022 State Board Update: Local League Support Committee

Joy Rosenzweig and Kathy Stein

Nominating Committees: Powerful & Vital, but Misunderstood
Question: What do many song lyrics, Doctor Pepper, and Nominating Committees have in common?
Answer: They’re misunderstood!
The Nominating Committee is the heart of your League and crucial to its sustainability. Yet too often we think of it as a pro-forma affair.
From now through January, the Local League Support Committee is focusing on League management. We are offering training and resources to help your Nominating Committee maintain, strengthen, and develop your board structure and composition. Strong boards are necessary to satisfy Leagues’ needs and further their goals. Our program will culminate in January with a presentation on different management options that can be considered by your Committees.
Take a look at some resources on our website to get you started. Then check out your understanding of Nominating Committees and their work by taking this short, hopefully amusing, quiz.
And if you don’t know the Doctor Pepper reference, watch this 1970s ad.
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