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Be Earthwise!

Be Earthwise

Earlier this month the New York State League released our newest campaign: Be Earthwise. The goal of the campaign is to help citizens think about how their daily decisions can have a lasting impact on our environment. The campaign is being released in two phases – the first phase asks people to take a pledge to Be Earthwise. They are asked to commit to respect the environment and to address effects of climate change through their daily activities and consumer purchases. Next month we will be unveiling part two of the campaign which will highlight some direct actions citizens can take on Earth Day to help reduce the incidence of climate change and global warming.

To get involved take the pledge now here. A link to the campaign is also available on the state website homepage. Also be sure to tell us what Earthwise issues you want to learn more about and what citizen action do you think is most important to preserve our planet. So far we have had people from all over the country take the pledge and we hope that number will continue to grow as we near Earth Day, April 22nd.

Please share this campaign and information with your friends and encourage them to participate in this important awareness and educational effort.

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