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Concurrences on State Studies

At its Board meeting in December 2021, the LWVNYS Board approved materials to be distributed to all local Leagues and members in January 2022 for consideration of a new position on the structure of election administration in New York state. An Election Administration Structure Committee was created after approval of a new study on the topic at the state Convention in June 2021. The Committee met many times during the fall researching the history of election administration in New York state and how elections are administered in other states.

Twenty-three Leagues and 11 individuals responded. The Leagues were split almost down the middle in supporting and opposing the proposals for local and state election administration and the individuals almost unanimously supported them. Since 2/3 agreement is needed for adopting new positions, the proposals failed. Individual responses were considered but weighted less than local League responses adjusted for the number of members attending the local League meeting.

At the same time as the election administration study, Local Leagues and members were asked to support a new position allowing individuals in prison the right to vote while still incarcerated. Twenty- three Leagues responded, and 11 individuals responded and the new position was approved overwhelmingly. It will be formally adopted by the state board at its next meeting.

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