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Did You Know These 11 Things About Your Drinking Water?


  1. About one-half of the rainfall on Long Island trickles down to replenish the aquifers in a process known as “recharge”.
  2. Most recharge occurs during the late fall, winter, and early spring (October–April).
  3. Rain in the spring and summer often does not reach the aquifers because it is used by vegetation or evaporates in the warm weather.
  4. All the streams, ponds, and rivers on Long Island are fed by ground water. Where the streams have dries up, the local groundwater has been depleted by human use.
  5. When you water your lawn in summer, the excess water you use is lost due to evaporation and does not sink back into the aquifers.
  6. The ground does not filter out pollutants if they are dissolved in water or rainfall.
  7.  An average of 150 billion gallons of water or more is pumped from the aquifers in a typical year.
  8. Water use in the summer increases by 200% to 400% over winter water use.
  9. Average per person water use on Long Island is much higher than national average of 100 gallons per person per day. We use about 140 gallons per persons per day.
  10. Tap water is one of the cheapest commodities we buy today.
  11. The annual cost per person of L.I Aquifer Management Compact would be about the cost of one cup of premium coffee per year.
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