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Attendance of the President’s Meeting

Conversation about school Board meeting disruptions indicated that the topic shifts over time from resistance to mask mandates to that of rejecting CRT (Critical Race Theory). Presidents asked for advice on how to deal with. After the meeting, Task Force Co-Chairs agreed between themselves to research for several resources on CRT to provide to League membership.

Membership Invited to a 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

Begun on September 19th with 74 League members. Registration ends on September 26th. A Facebook group created and entitled “LWVNYS DEI : News and Drop-In Zone” has 17 members currently to allow for written conversations of readings and activities with fellow Leaguers of NYS. Several virtual “Drop-In Sessions” are planned during the 21 Day Challenge to aid in processing the information, as were held in August for which members attending reportedly found value.

October 2021

The collective learning journey toward a more equitable organization continues with Ms. Irving’s Part II and Part III of the workshop for the LWVNYS, scheduled for October 19th.  Yet untitled, it will encompass portions of her cornerstone workshop programs: “Transformational Conversations – Moving from Fear to Curiosity” (Skill-Building); and, “Leveling the Playing Field: Interrupting Patterns of Power and Privilege (Alternate title: How to Explain White Privilege to a Skeptic). More details on these established programs are included on the Debby Irving web page: https://www.debbyirving.com/keynotes-workshops/

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