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Election Day History

Election Day History

January 7, 1789 – The first electors were chosen for the first US presidential election.

February 4, 1789 – George Washington was elected president.

January 23, 1845 – By the act of Congress, the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November was designated as Election Day for presidential elections. Why November? The harvest season was ending, so farmers could take the time to go to vote. Why Tuesday? It could take quite a while for voters to get to the polls. That way they did not have to travel on Sunday.

November 7, 1848 – The first U.S. Election Day occurred.

Zachary Taylor defeated Lewis Cass and Martin Van Buren (who was then a former president). Taylor’s vice presidential running mate was Millard Filmore.

July 10, 1850 – President Taylor died, and Millard Filmore became president.

November 6, 1984 – Ronald Reagan won 525 out of 538 electoral votes – the most ever.

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