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Labor Day Celebration and election newsHere we are, September, and a very full next few months ahead.  We have the September 9, 2014 primary with the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor the only primary races for Nassau County residents.

On September 16th, our League has a general meeting to discuss issues we see and the candidates see for the November election.  September 23rd is National Voter Registration Day.  And then there are the candidate forums coming up in October.  Indeed, it is a busy time for League!

Redistricting Amendment in Upcoming Election

On the November ballot is the constitutional amendment on redistricting.  League supports a YES vote on this amendment  that will move redistricting in New York State beyond the status quo.  For more than fifty years, the New York State legislature has exclusively controlled the drawing of legislative maps.

Ample opportunities have been squandered to reform the process, regardless of which party controlled the state senate.  If this amendment is rejected, it is highly unlikely the legislature will pass any other amendment to reform the process. The amendment also provides a new floor from which additional statutory reforms can be enacted in the future. For more information about this amendment, please visit http://www.voteyes4progress.org/.

Your board hopes to see many of you in the next months as we prepare for the November 4, 2014 general election.  It is crucial that we all work to get out the vote for the many elected offices on the ballot, including a new representative for the 4th Congressional District now held by the Honorable Carolyn McCarthy.


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