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Getting to Know One of Our New State Senators

As a result of the November elections, there will be some changes among the state
legislative representatives in our local districts. Members have begun meeting with
these new legislators to introduce them to The League, and for us to learn about their

Dania Smith reported that she and Barbara Epstein met with Senator-Elect Kevin Thomas and
his chief of staff, Donna Lee, on December 17th. As Chair of the Consumer Protection Committee,
Senator Thomas’ priorities will include issues regarding student loans and sub-prime mortgages. He
plans to introduce a Consumer Privacy Bill to address abusive practices by Facebook.

Dania and Barbara shared League priorities with the Senator-Elect and left League materials that he
can have available to his constituents. He will be sworn in on January 5th at Hempstead High
School and will have an office in Uniondale.

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