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Important Dates for the 2024 Election: Mark Your Calendars!

Hey there! If you’ve got the 2024 election on your mind, here are some dates that you definitely want to keep in mind.

First up, mark February 14, 2024 – it’s the last day for you to change your party affiliation. Remember, if you want to have a say in the primary, make sure you’re registered with the right party!

Next on the list is March 23, 2024 – that’s when voter registration for the presidential primary starts. Get yourself registered so you can exercise your right to vote!

Speaking of voting, from March 23 to March 30, early voting for the primary will be happening. So if you’re eager to cast your ballot before everyone else does, mark those dates down.

Lastly, circle April 2nd on your calendar – it’s when the presidential primary actually takes place. This is your chance to help shape the future of our country through your vote.

So there you have it – some important dates that should stay on your radar if you’re thinking about the upcoming election in 2024. Happy voting!

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