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Last week we saw what feels like the time turning backward, but we must not be dismayed.

The Supreme Court failed to intervene on Texas’s new abortion law criminalizing abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. This infringement upon women and those who can become pregnant intersects with many of the issues we advocate for, especially racial and economic justice. Limits on reproductive health services disproportionately affect Black, brown, and low-income communities, therefore upholding and perpetuating income inequality and white supremacy. 

The League believes every person deserves access and the privacy to make their own reproductive choices, and we will continue the fight for reproductive justice in Texas and across the nation. Read our statement with LWV of Texas in response to this ruling.

On Saturday, October 2, the ‘Women’s March’ will convene in Washington, DC, with sister marches around the country to defend reproductive rights in light of the SCOTUS ruling. LWVUS plans to support the march by showing up in person and promoting it across social media. We encourage Leagues to determine if participation makes sense for their League at the local level. As always, please follow local safety COVID guidelines for in-person activities and refer to our protest safety guidelines on the League Management Site.

Our League

Weeks like last week serve as a reminder of why our work is critical. The pillars of Women Power Democracy are how we combat these attacks on our democracy and create equitable opportunities for all voters to have an equal voice. The League will continue to push President Biden and Congress to protect our freedom to vote by passing the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and signing voting rights legislation into law.

Looking ahead to elections this year, we have new VOTE411 PSA videos available in both English and Spanish encouraging voters to use VOTE411 to learn about their candidates. We encourage Leagues to share these videos, which can be found on the League’s YouTube.

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on Sept. 15! We will be celebrating the month by highlighting staff and League members with a blog and on social media. I encourage you to celebrate leaders within your League and community who identify as Latinx or Hispanic. 

Finally, as a nation, we are all feeling solemn as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this weekend. I am also thinking of those of you who may have been affected by Hurricane Ida and other natural disasters across the country. I urge you all to continue to find a balance between fighting the good fight and resting. This work and the state of the world can be emotionally exhausting, so we must care for ourselves.

In League, 

Deborah Ann Turner, MD, JD



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