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The LWV of the Hamptons sponsored or co-sponsored 11 events during 2017 to commemorate, and to educate the public about, the 100th anniversary of women winning the vote in New York State. (see photo on right)
The LWV of Tompkins County is hosting a program entitled “Housing Needed: Affordable for People – Friendly for the Environment, It Can be Done!” Speakers will be Megan McDonald, Associate Planner, Tompkins County Department of Planning and Sustainability; and Joe Bowes, Director of Real Estate Development, Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. The focus of the program will be on the need for more affordable housing and how we can succeed in increasing the supply while also keeping in mind climate change, land use, and other environmental concerns.


Following the passage of women’s suffrage in November 1917, the first election in NYS in which women could vote was held in Lisle on January 5, 1918, to determine whether the Town should allow the sale of alcohol. Despite protest from the owner of a local bar, at 6:10 the “Ladies of Lisle” became the first women in NYS to vote. After casting her historic first ballot, Florence Chauncey made the following statement to the local press: “I am very proud of the distinction of being the first woman to cast a vote in an election in this state. I know all former suffragists, now citizens, feel just as jubilant as I do. I prize my privilege most because it is a privilege shared by all my sisters in this State.” The LWV of Broome Tioga joined other organizations to celebrate this anniversary.
Nancy Marr, VP of the LWV of Suffolk County, had a powerful article in the TBR Media about making your voice heard in the Legislature entitled, Making Democracy Work: Make change through the NYS Legislature in 2018. Read the article here: http://tbrnewsmedia.com/making-democracy-work-make-change-nys-legislature-2018/


In February, the LWV of Buffalo/Niagara will join AAUW as a co-sponsor to present Women in Politics: Challenges Women Face When Running for Public Office.The panel discussion will be moderated by Diana Cihak, founder of WEPac/Electing Women into Office.


LWV of Cortland celebrated the women’s suffrage centennial with a panel discussion by women in public office, past and present.


The Long Island Herald announced its 2017 Person of the Year: Tammie Williams, Member of LWV of SW Nassau. Congratulations, Tammie, and keep up the great work!


The LWV of NYC ushered in its newest initiative focused on working alongside college students and young working professionals to build new interest in the organization. The initiative aims to draw in students and working professionals who are committed to either supporting voter registration efforts on their campus in collaboration with LWVNYC support or learning more about what we do through sponsored projects or social events. The goal of the Ambassador Project is for young people to find ways to contribute to the League’s organizational growth while working to build a presence for the LWVNYC throughout the city. The project is looking to host a monthly reading and discussion series in the spring of 2018, focusing on votes for women honoring the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage in New York State.


Chautauqua County Leaguers Judi Lutz Woods and Lisa Mertz attended Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training in Pittsburgh, October 2017. An international network of activists and educators, the Climate Reality Leadership Corps is committed to spreading awareness of the climate crisis and working for solutions to the greatest challenge of our time. The Climate Reality Project offers on-going training in climate science, communications, and organizing to build a 21st century movement to create the sustainable and prosperous future we all want.
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