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Local League Updates

EVERY local League MUST complete and return the attached Local League Update form, even if no one on your board has changed! This is crucial for the state office to know who to contact for what and who to include on group emails, etc. The people you list do NOT have to be on your board and it can include multiple people for any one position. We use this form to develop our group email lists, so it’s really who do you want to receive the info on membership, advocacy, voter services, etc? Please do not assume someone on your board has returned this form – ask your President(s) or leaders if someone has completed and returned the form.  Thanks!

Sustainer Plaques and Chocolates: Don’t forget that you can honor Leagues leaders with an engraved plaque at the state office. With a $200 donation (through League or your Education Funds), we will engraved the wording you choose, send you a certificate with that wording to present to the honoree, and engrave the wording on a plaque hanging in the state office. More information is attached.

Also, to honor outgoing board members, etc, we have delicious chocolates available at $2 each in the shape of the LWV logo. Just call the office to order.




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