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LWVUS Annual Congressional Reception

The League of Women Voters is proud to host our annual Congressional Reception.
Since the 19th amendment passed in 1920, various civil rights strides have been made to expand the right to vote and increase access to the ballot box. This event is aimed at reflecting upon these achievements and envisioning a future where we can all work together to make sure our democracy remains strong and inclusive.
This virtual panel will stream live on Facebook Live on Wednesday, June 2. LWV CEO Virginia Kase will moderate, facilitating a discussion on the “Next 100 Years of Democracy” with prominent Members of Congress and staff, including:
  • Laura Peterson, Legislative Counsel for Senator Tester;
  • Allison Hunn, Policy Advisor and Counsel for Senator Merkley; &
  • Bill VanHorne, Chief Counsel for Senator Cardin’s.
We will also see video presentations from:
  • Majority Leader Chuck Schumer;
  • Senator Angus King; and
  • Senator Raphael Warnock.
This panel will thrive on audience engagement, with opportunities to ask questions both before and during the event.
Join the event on Facebook here.
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