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New Staff at the State Office

Welcome to our two new staff members: Cyndi Jacobson, Office and Local League Coordinator; and Celeste Steinke, Development and Communication Coordinator.

Celeste Steinke

Celeste has always been drawn to advocacy and change since her first personal protest against plaid jumpers in Catholic school. Having graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology from SUNY Albany and a passion for public service. She found her professional path within the nonprofit community.

When asked why she wanted to work for LWVNYS, she said: “I believe in the democratic process because it works if people use it correctly. They need access and education to have their vote heard and League of Women Voters New York State has always been there to provide the tools necessary to further the voice of the people.”

When she isn’t working to further a cause, you can find Celeste making a big cup of coffee so she can keep up with her husband, Tom and their four children.

Cyndi Jacobson

Cyndi is a recent graduate from the Rockefeller College of Public Policy and Political Science at the University at Albany. Her concentrations in her undergraduate career involved politics, law and civil rights, and environmental sciences. She is a passionate supporter of women’s and LGBT rights, as well as environmental justice. She recently completed a session at the State Assembly in the office of Assemblyman Al Stirpe, Jr. and is working hard to remain engaged with legislative issues and public policy creation. She is elated to begin in her new position as the Office and Local League Coordinator out of the Albany office and cannot wait to get involved within the League!

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