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Women Prepared for a MeetingLobby Day: All leagues are invited to participate in these meetings, which will be held in Albany on Feb. 5th. General advocacy training will be given to interested leaguers. The group will receive updates from Issues Specialists, particularly on the 2013 Legislative Agenda.

Legislative Agenda: The 2013 Legislative Agenda was revised to include Gun Control.

Vote 411: Local leagues will pay $25 to subsidize state league sponsorship of Vote411.org for the November 2013 elections. Anyone who would like to be the point person for Vote411.org for Southwest Nassau, please contact Nancy at 516-295-1325. Training will be provided at a meeting with other leagues later this Spring.

State League Convention: Planning and preparation for the LWVNYS convention continues. The convention will take place at the Albany Hilton on June 1-2 2013.

For more information on State League action or issues, go to lwvny.org.

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