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OUR STUDENT INSIDE ALBANYHello. My name is Samantha Cohen and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Albany this year. I have expanded my mind by familiarizing myself with new ideas and information I thought I would never have the opportunity to gain.

This experience was unforgettable and more informational than any other trip or opportunity I’ve ever had in my life.

Meeting new people from all over New York helped me come to the conclusion that there ARE people who feel the same way as I do, and it was great meeting all of the new kind faces who were truly interested in what I was interested in.

Together, separate, or even in groups, we were able to come to consensus and new ideas or beliefs after learning from the professional engaging speakers.

I learned about all things of all jobs relating to government, like decisions made, new laws, ultimate differences and similarities and inside information on all jobs relating to government.

I also learned about media and how it affects us and the government. We had educational and amazing experiences, one-on-one with our Assembly people, as well as other important administrators who, overall, represent us in the great scheme of America.

I can speak for most of the people I attended with when I say I have returned from Albany less narrow-minded, further educated, and emotionally touched by all the people we have encountered through our trip to Albany.

Samantha Cohen



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