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Pre Convention Kit

The Pre Convention Kit is now available (attached, emailed to all registered delegates and posted on the state League website). In this Kit is the information you need to be an educated voter at Convention: Proposed 2019-20 Budget, Proposed Bylaw Amendments, Proposed 2019-2021 Program Planning, and Nominating Committee report for the 2019-2021 LWVNYS Officers and Board of Directors. There is also information about our fantastic speakers and training workshops, as well as workshops on League matters and information session on what other local Leagues are accomplishing. There is something at Convention for everyone to learn – new members and long-time members! Bring this kit with you to Convention – you will need it during discussions at plenary sessions. If you’re not attending Convention, read the Kit and tell your delegates how you want them to vote. We are a membership organization and need your input.

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