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President Message

Last Sunday, I was on a panel at Alden Terrace Elementary School in North Valley Stream, talking about student voter registration and redistricting. There was a terrific turnout of the community on a Sunday afternoon and a dialogue that was refreshing.

What I found most refreshing though was this school.  Amy Buchanan is the Principal there.  I had the opportunity to talk with her for several inspiring minutes; she is upbeat, positive, and openly appreciates her students and staff.

Signs on the wall in the gymnasium had simple messages that seen every day would motivate one to feel good about oneself and strive for personal best. Respect for oneself and others is one I remember.  As I walked the halls and looked at the students’ art work, I could hear their laughter and see their smiles.

Ms. Buchanan and I  talked about the Common Core and it was refreshing to hear this administrator’s take on its intent. I loved the moment she acknowledged Assemblywoman Michelle Solages who was in the audience and whom Ms. Buchanan taught when the Assemblywoman was in the sixth grade..

Firsthand experiences can yield so much, as did my walk in this elementary school.  Many of you will also have your own first had experience as you register first time voters as our League visits schools in the area this Spring.

This is truly an inspiring and uplifting experience.  If you need a mood booster after all the cold and snow we have experienced the last month or so, call Peter Rosenthal (295-1325) or Joanne Borden (791-4193) and sign up for a time to help register these voters!

Hopefully you have seen your invitation to League’s Women History Month Brunch at Verdi’s in Westbury to be held on Sunday, March 23rd.

Our own Millie Beck is hard at work with others to make this event agreat day! The Honorable Judi Bosworth, the newly elected Town Supervisor for the Town of North Hempstead is the keynote speaker.  Hope to see many of you on the 23rd!

Here is to springing forward on Sunday March 9th (move those clocks ahead an hour), longer days and WARMTH!

Nancy Rosenthal



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