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President’s Message: March 2022

It has been nine months since the LWVNY convention in 2021 when I was elected to be president of the LWVNY. This month for the first time we were able to hold an in-person board meeting. We were also able to hold two Regional Training Workshops in person with the remaining two (Scarsdale and Ithaca) scheduled for the first two Saturdays of April. Everyone was so happy to be actually in the same room (something looking back we may have always taken for granted). There was so much to share, so many conversations to be had, so many people with whom to reconnect!

Over the past nine months, I have been so impressed by what the board and our local Leagues are doing and how well we all are working together, but we cannot stand still. We need and can continue to do more. This January I was disappointed to learn that total membership had decreased by 9% from Jan. 31, 2021 to Jan 31, 2022. Since then our membership has increased. As I said earlier, our members are the biggest asset of our Leagues. But getting new members is not all that is important. It is also important to train and get new leaders. Leadership cannot be static, which is why your nominating committees are so important. Membership and leadership is not the work of just the board. It is the work of every member which is why the membership leadership workshop has been scheduled first and the one that everyone will be attending.

The workshops already held have been successful. I want to thank all the people who have already attended and shared their ideas. I am looking forward to the regional workshops and meeting many of you in Scarsdale on April 2 and in Ithaca on April 9. It is not too late for members to still register and attend.

Although meeting in person is wonderful, over the past two years we have learned how beneficial zoom and virtual meetings can be. LWVNYS Council will be held on zoom on June 7. More information will follow.

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