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President’s Report by Dare Thompson

President DareIt’s not too late to sign up for Convention – we even take walk-ins!  Yes, it’s at least one day (if not three) away from home and we know it’s not free. But here are just a few reasons why I hope your League is sending as large a delegation as possible:

  1. Convention won’t happen again for two years! That’s 24 months!  Don’t “throw away your shot”!
  2. There is an impressive ROI (return on investment) for each attendee and for the local Leagues they represent – in contacts, in information, in tips on how to do things faster and better….I could go on.
  3. It’s inspiring. I still remember speakers I heard years ago and some I got to chat with personally. I also still remember some League leaders who seemed to know EVERYthing. I was in awe. And over the years, many of us newbies gradually became those leaders, amazed at what we’ve absorbed from the League.
  4. It’s historic. We turn 100 on 11/19/19 and it’ll never happen again. At the last convention we celebrated what happened in Seneca Falls in 1848 and how NY won the vote for women in 1917. This year the remarkable Elaine Weiss will bring 1919 and 1920 to life for us and we’ll share ideas for our own local celebrations this fall and into 2020.  And our state League history (“A Force to Reckon With”) and collected local League histories will be for sale!
  5. It’s fun! Yes, we think hard, stay up late/get up early, argue passionately – but we are with others who share our concerns and are determined to make a difference. So there is joy in the air and no small amount of laughter.
  6. I (and the whole state board and staff) will be so happy to see you!  We delight in seeing old friends, in having phone voices become actual people, and seeing a brand new batch of convention-goers we can get to know.
  7. The times are asking a lot of us all. By getting to know and learn from one another we will become an even fiercer “force to reckon with” for the century ahead!

Dare Thompson, President
League of Women Voters of NYS

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