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Dear League members,

Today, the US Supreme Court eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion, overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

We believed this was coming, but we still had some hope. Now, the hurt is extreme and real.

Read my statement with LWV CEO Virginia Kase Solomón.

It is appropriate to feel the pain of this moment. Let us take a collective deep breath and remember that we are not alone in our hurt and sorrow.

Many of us remember the days before the Roe decision, and we must now channel the energy of that fight from 50 years ago.

Our reproductive rights partners are calling us to join them in action. The League of Women Voters of Colorado will lead Convention delegates in an action at the Colorado Capital building this evening. I encourage you to consider heeding our partners’ call to join protests and marches today and in the coming weeks.

Check out Planned Parenthood’s actions here.

Read our protest safety guide to be prepared and stay safe.

We have also updated our abortion rights messaging guidance for League leaders speaking on this issue.

It is critical that we show up in this moment, and make our voices heard for our rights and our democracy. I’m so honored and humbled to live this moment with you, the League of Women Voters.

In coalition, 

Dr. Deborah Ann Turner
LWVUS Board President


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