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Some words and photos from our 2017 Student Inside Albany, Domenique Masi

“ …Here are some pictures from the trip. I really had a great time and it was such an eye opening experience. I haven’t been able to stop talking about it since! Thank you so much for selecting my school and me to go. Among
the pictures below are one of Assemblyman McKevitt and me and one inside the Court of Appeals. I was unable to get a picture with my Senator because he was in conference when we arrived…

Dominique and her parents attended LWV of East Nassau’s Annual Meeting, at which time Dominique told us all about her attendance at Students inside Albany. What she told us is very similar to what we have heard from the students we have sponsored in the past. The program is exceptional and the students gain a great deal. All are happy they had the opportunity to attend.

Dominique expressed her wish that the other students in her social studies class could also have enjoyed the opportunity to be there and to learn all she learned. She let us know that she had never learned anything about state government in school. It was truly eye-opening. We were concerned to learn that students in our schools are not learning about our government at levels below the national level, since we know well that the more local the government, the more it has an effect on our daily lives. We will be discussing this situation at future meetings.

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