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The Sustainable Food Trend Seems to Be Catching On

Inventive and delicious food, made from what most people throw away, by the co-founder of the celebrated Danish restaurant, Noma.

SCRAPS, WILT & WEEDS, Turning Wasted Food into Plenty, by Mads Refslund, features 100 recipes using local ingredients in a sustainable, no-waste fashion. Mr. Refslund is one of the initial partners at Noma, a world-renowned
Danish restaurant.

Using scraps from vegetables, fruits and animal proteins–food that would normally go to waste– he creates beautiful and accessible recipes for the home cook without sacrificing anything to flavor. He uses 100% of the ingredient or as close as possible, including potato peels, cauliflower stems, or fish skins, but also ingredients that are passed over as too young, like green strawberries, or too old, like stale bread, wrinkly potatoes or bolted herbs.

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