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Town of Oyster Bay S.T.O.P. and E-Waste Program

Hours for all dates is 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

For additional information, go to www.oysterbaytown.com/recycling.

T.O.B. Solid Waste Disposal Complex Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Road, Old Bethpage, NY 11804

  • Saturday July 13
  • Saturday August 10
  • Saturday September 7
  • Sunday October 27

The PQ Recycling Plant in Farmingdale is one of only two in NYS that purchase redeemed plastic bottles. It then sends them on a two-hour journey – transforming the bottles into a product that can be reused to make more bottles, containers and even clothes. It can be done with less of a carbon footprint than making brand-new bottles. The plant keeps 1 billion bottles out of the landfill each year, instead of shipping plastic overseas. Recycling plants are the way to go. PQ also recycles 2 million pounds of bottle caps each year, with most of them made into decking material.

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