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Vote411.org: Your Guide to the General Election

Vote Here with an arrowElection Day (Nov. 5) is quickly approaching. Click to download your copy of the ballot proposals to get familiar with the latest issues that affect you.

Did you know you can get your voting ballot online? When you type your address into http://www.Vote411.org, you will see your local ballots along with a wealth of voting-related information. Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can make the most of this online service:

  • Enter the following in your browser: http://www.Vote411.org. (You may want to bookmark this site for further viewing.)
  • Enter your address, and then click on the green box, “ENTER”.
  • Click on another green box, “Get personalized information on candidates and issues.”
  • Click on the blue box, “Find My Information”.
  • Click on “Next Race” and continue clicking on the “Next Race” or “Previous Race” to see all the information on your ballot.
  • To get a written copy of your ballot (optional), click on the white box, “All My Races”, and then click on “Finish.”
  • Scroll down to print your ballot or enter your email address to have your ballot emailed to you.

Voting has never been easier! Please take advantage of this simple way to make your voice heard on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

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