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“Why are standards so much higher for our coffee apps than our voting machines?” This question was asked recently in an email from Verified Voting, a group with which we have worked in the past.

When creating a password for a new Starbucks account, the instructions direct the user to choose a password of “between 8 and 25 characters, at least one number, one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and at least one special character, like an exclamation point or a comma. Voting machine manufacturers, on the other hand, are instructing election officials to use — and re-use — ‘trivial, easy to crack passwords’ when changing credentials.”

This situation is just one among many that have to change. On election day, there were reports of machines that did not work, long lines, and missing names of people that should have been on the voting rolls. “To build confidence in our democratic institutions, we need to secure the election pipeline by embedding security every step of the way:
from voter registration to election day, tabulation to audits, and beyond.”

Members of our county inter-League organization (ILO) will be meeting with the Nassau County Board of Elections in the nottoo-distant future. Please contact Barbara: 516- 221-1948, epsteinb1@gmail.com, and let her know if you encountered problems at your polling place.

Source: verifiedvoting.com

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