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WEA Has a Good Chance of Becoming Law

ny for womens equality logoThe NY Women’s Equality Agenda (WEA) has a good chance of becoming law this session – if you do your part!

We need you to:

  1. Write a letter to your senator;
  2. Call your senator’s office
  3. Send an email to your senator (do all 3 things spread over this week);
  4. Attend the rally on June 4, 2013 –  your senator needs to hear from YOU!

Tell your senator that:

  1. You support the entire Women’s Equality Agenda;
  2. It is time to level the playing field for women in the workplace by making equal pay enforceable, extending sexual harassment protections to all workplaces, requiring pregnancy accommodations;
  3. NY law should protect women’s health care decisions by reflecting federal abortion protections and current standards of medical practice.

Let your voice be heard!

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