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Voting is about community, and it takes all of us to make our elections work. A fair and efficient election means all of us play a role: as voters, as election workers, and as protectors of the vote. And whether your next election is this November or next year, we’re counting on you to help keep your community safe and mobilized.

People are more likely to vote when asked by someone they trust—you are the best ambassador for voting.

If you’re already planning to vote in your next election, and want to engage more, there are a range of ways to get involved:

Become a poll worker. Being a poll worker is one of the best and most direct ways to keep polling places open and working, to allow safe voting through social distancing, and enable quick voting for all. You’ll be at the center of a safe and fair election. It’s fun, simple, and a front seat to the voting process, and in some states you can be paid to work the polls. Head to PowerthePolls.org to become a poll worker.

Volunteer with election protection to ensure the voting process goes smoothly.. As a volunteer, you can monitor polling places for voter suppression efforts, watch social media for disinformation, and connect with voters to help them learn their rights or navigate the voting process and vote securely and safely. Sign up at 866OurVote.org.

You can triple the power of your vote. You are the best voice for voting in your community—we invite you to bring three friends on your voting journey with you. Check out Rock the Vote and Vote Tripling to get friends and family involved.

You can play a powerful role protecting everyone’s vote. Put the Election Protection Hotline’s number in your phone right now (866-OUR-VOTE) and follow them on twitter (@866OURVOTE). You can call or tweet at any time during the voting process to ask for help or report issues. And don’t forget to share these resources with your friends and family.

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