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What Will Be on Your Ballot This November?

We all know that there will be candidates for various offices on our ballots in November – but candidates for which offices?

Since this year is a year for electing local officials, the ballot will contain the names of candidates for Nassau County Executive, District Attorney, Comptroller and Clerk, as well as for the candidates running to be your local county legislator. You will also find the candidates for your town’s Supervisor, Clerk and Councilmembers. The names of candidates for certain judicial positions will be on the ballot as well.

Five Ballot Proposals

Also on this year’s ballot you will find five (5) ballot proposals. These proposals will be on the reverse side of your ballot. All five of the proposals, if enacted will make amendments to our state constitutions. These proposed amendments will be discussed at our local League’s (virtual) opening meeting on Thursday, September 23rd. Please be sure to attend, to hear Barbara Epstein explain each proposal and give us the pros and cons of each.

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