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What Will the Infrastructure and Jobs Act Do for NYS?

What Will the Infrastructure and Jobs Act Do for NYS?

According to an email message from Congressmember Kathleen Rice, Long Island’s “once state-ofthe-art roads, bridges, airports, public transit, and water infrastructure have fallen into a state of
disrepair and no longer support the needs of our communities.” The recently passed Infrastructure
Investment and Jobs Act is expected to do the following for NYS:

“Bridges and Highways
… provide NYS with $11.6 billion in federal funding for highway repair programs, and $1.9 billion for the
construction and rehabilitation of our bridges.

Public Transit and Airports
… invest $9.8 billion in the state’s public transit infrastructure, and $685 million for our airports – key for
commuters who rely on the Long Island Railroad and major airports like JFK and LaGuardia.

Water Infrastructure
…send NYS $2.6 billion to improve water infrastructure. This will benefit our communities on Long Island that have long struggled with water contamination issues.

Electric Vehicles
…[provide] $175 million for electric vehicle charging networks, helping us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Broadband Coverage
…[provide] a minimum of $100 million to expand broadband internet coverage across the state. Families struggling to afford to connect will also be eligible for stipends to pay their internet service bills.

… provide New York with $28 million to protect against cyber-attacks as threats in cyberspace continue to grow. “


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