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League takes positions on a variety of issues after careful study and consensus. We can take action under any or all of our positions. The positions of the League of Women Voters of Nassau County can be found on the website: www.lwveastnassau.org. We can also take action under state and national League positions, which are clearly identified and explained in the League of Women Voters of NYS publication “Impact on Issues” and the LWV of the United States “Impact on Issues.” These publications can be found on their respective websites.

The current areas for action of the LWVNYS can be found in its 2022 Legislative Agenda, which can also be found on its website. In this and subsequent issues of the VOTER, we will provide information from the 2022 Legislative Agenda.

LWVNYS Current Action Position on Healthcare

The League intends to continue efforts to improve equitable access, cost containment, and safety in healthcare. To achieve these goals, the League supports adequate financing to ensure medical resources and expanded delivery options to underserved areas, healthy-living promotion, disease prevention, school-based health services, long-term care, the full range of reproductive health services, and evidence-based substance-abuse programs including tobacco control.

The League supports single-payer public financing to lower administrative costs, reduce the cost of drugs and devices, and promote universally equitable access to quality healthcare. The League also supports measures for enhancing the safety of patients and staff in acute and long-term care facilities.

Medical Aid in Dying: The League supports the option of medical aid in dying for the terminally ill.

LWVNYS Current Action Position on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

Domestic Violence: The League supports measures to reduce the incidence and effects of domestic violence. We also support protections against discrimination for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Human Trafficking: Human forced labor and sex trafficking should be stopped through legislation and changes in public policy. Victims of human trafficking should be provided with services to facilitate integration into the community.

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