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Women’s History Projects

Written By: Joan Johnson and Barb Thomas

LWVNY asks every NYS League to participate in a statewide visibility event. 

What:  All you have to do is recruit a member read the Declaration of Sentiments on July 4, 2019 at an appropriate location in your area. We ask your reader to wear white and wear the LWV sash.

Why: To call attention to the League of women Voters and our continuing fight to Make Democracy Work.  More than 100 years ago on July 4, 1915 suffragists read the Declaration of Sentiments in front every County Courthouse in this state, in an event organized by Carrie Chapman Catt to call attention to the campaign for women’s suffrage in NYS.

A suggested script including the full Declaration of Sentiments to be read is attached.

LWVNY will send out press advisories and press releases, and also provide a sample press release and Letter to the Editor for you to send. You can add any embellishments you desire to enhance the reading such as adding this to a local community event, a picnic, a parade, music, whatever, BUT we implore you to at least carry through with the reading.

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