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Youth Committee: April 2022

Thank you for a fantastic month of feedback, best practices and resources shared through our state-wide regional training sessions. It made Nick and me extremely proud to work alongside each of our local leagues and continue to inspire our youth. All your hard work will allow other leagues to help reach more students across the state through a variety of youth programs and voter turnout initiatives. In the coming months, Nick and I will use all the shared information to develop our toolkit which will be available on the state website.

Additionally, I want to give a major shout out to Kathy Meany and the Westchester League for hosting a phenomenal “Running and Winning” program for high school juniors and seniors, this month at Manhattanville College. The young women participated in programming that covered everything from what it means to be female in the context of leadership, political involvement and being a change agent in the 21st Century.

With programs like “Running and Winning,” students can identify expectations if they decide to run for office and connect with elected officials who can provide guidance on effective campaign strategies which are all great ways to cultivate a leadership pipeline and encourage young people to continue a dialogue around the importance of representation in civics and government affairs.

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