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Youth Programs

Betty Ann King, bking8213@charter.net
We have a new vision for engaging youth participation in the democratic process! You are invited to share your ideas, to ask questions, and to brag about your experiences with youth and government.


Amidst all of this political chaos our country is experiencing exists passion and a desire for activism – to become involved! There also exists a high level of ignorance regarding how government functions and astonishment that changes at all levels require consistent  active participation . Without youth interest and involvement who will carry on the tenets and the energy to protect the integrity of our democracy?  Right now, we have the attention of people from all age groups. We cannot afford to squander this chance to educate others regarding civic participation.
Youth programs are also fun and blessed with the spirit of “let each become all that one is capable of being.”  We see that every year in the Students Inside Albany program. Surely we all know that this program is motivational often life changing It makes a difference in these lives.


Smaller scale local League youth programs are also inspiring and fun and garner great community respect.  Not all Leagues have the resources for a daunting large scale event but we ALL have dynamic ideas.


Vision for 2018:
That each League participates in a youth program that encourages civic responsibility at any level. Some steps along the way:


  • Identify persons in each League interested in working with youth
  • Investigate a partnership with other groups, organizations, schools that share vision; partnerships help to maintain enthusiasm, create new ideas and share the work burden
  • Encourage brainstorming! Often the smallest and most “out of the box” idea gleans wonderful results
  • Share! Share ideas, share any action, big or small with other Leagues

Please share your ideas for any programs/ projects that Leagues may access. No idea or project is too big or too small. There is a goldmine of amazing youth programs out there as well as innovative ideas for new ones. Soon we will have a mechanism for a sharing program that will be user friendly!


The state website has many descriptions of youth programs, but most are not current. Anyone interested in working on League youth programs should contact me. Kudos and thank you to all of our League members who work tirelessly in  educating and fostering active participation in government .


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