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It’s Election Time Again!

CornucopiaOctober has been a busy month for Leaguers.  We held well over a dozen candidate forums throughout Nassau County;  there have been several articles in Newsday and the Herald about these forums.

I had the good fortune to travel with our own Harris Dinkoff who moderated at several of them .  It is delightful at these events to see and learn from these other Leagues and their work.  It is also terrific to hear the feedback on our work as moderators at such forums.  As one thank you went:  “The reviews are in….and everyone would vote for Harris!”

I hope those of you with access to a computer have taken a look at vote411.org where you become informed and educated about the candidates running in your area as well as throughout Nassau County.  You can also can put in your address and get your own personalized ballot to take to the polling place. You may also log on to our county website lwveastnassau.org and access vote411.org, as well as download a file of all candidates’ running in Nassau County.

Spread the word about this valuable and informative website! I know Aaron, my son at college in California, will be using vote411.org to inform himself of the candidates and the state propositions before casting his absentee ballot.  Comparing the usage of Vote411.org to the last off-year election, there’s been more than a 30% growth in the number of visitors.

We will be continuing in this upcoming year League’s work to change the Nassau County Charter sections on redistricting, thanks to another grant to the League from the Hagedorn Foundation as well as Common Cause NY, La Fuente, and LICET (Long Island Civic Engagement Table).

In these pages of our newsletter, you can find a wealth of articles and information on our upcoming events like the Post Election Supper on Thursday November 14th with Ellis Henican from Newsday as our speaker and the November 21st meeting on Water on Long Island at 7pm at the Elmont Library that our masterful Joe Kolodny and his trusty committee have put together.

Welcome to two new members,  Dorothy McGarvey and Tamar Waldhauser,  who join us after attending either one of our general meetings or from attending a candidate forum—the very events and activities that let League’s name and reputation speak for itself.

November 5th is here and we will now see in action all the work we have done to register voters, have candidate forums, and provide the public with a Voters Guide (vote411.org).  Let’s all do the last and most important job for this election – be certain everyone we know who is registered to vote gets to the polls on Tuesday, November 5th and casts their ballot.

Happy November, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


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