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February 14th — Valentine’s Day — of each year is the final day for voters to change their party registration before a primary election (this June). Voters wishing to change their party affiliation, as with any new voter registration or address change, can use the online voter registration form available through the state Department of Motor Vehicles New York at https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-application or can fill out and mail a new voter registration form New York State Voter Registration Form available on the state League website or the state Board of Elections website. Remind members and the voting public of this important annual date to change party affiliation!

Voter Service Survey

We had a 100% return of the Voter Service Surveys from our local Leagues! Thanks to all for this valuable information we will be using as we plan upcoming voting efforts and look for additional grants and opportunities. Last month’s SBU provided an overview of the responses; below you will find the numeric responses to questions asked in the survey. If anyone would like the actual spreadsheet with all the data and enter text responses, contact me and I will send you the extensive spreadsheet! Much thanks to the office staff, the Voter Service Committee, and especially Jane Colvin and Sheila Bernson for the compilation of this data!


  1. How many in person voter registration drives did you conduct?
    • Number of drives: 481
    • Number of voters registered: 4,566
    • Number of forms taken: 5,493
    • How many volunteers participated in voter registration drives? 976
    • How many drives were in or targeted under-resourced communities? 213
    • How many times did you partner with other groups to do a drive? 334

2.How many high school voter registration drives did you do?

    • How many schools? 68
    • Number of voters registered: 3,110
    • Number of forms taken: 1,513

3.How many naturalization ceremony registration drives did you do?

    • Number of voters registered: 48-1,591
    • Number of forms taken: 1,653

4.How many voter registration trainings for League members did you have? 47

5.How many voter registration trainings for other organizations or groups did you have? 25


  1. How many in-person candidate forums did you organize? 41
  2. How many virtual candidate forums did you organize? 53
  3. How many hybrid candidate forums did you organize? 11
  4. How many volunteers participated in candidate events? 328
  5. Did you provide translations? If so, how and in what languages? 33 No 6 Yes
  6. What is the total number views for all candidate forums in person and virtually during and virtually after event?
    • In-person: 2724
    • Virtually after the event: 24,856
  1. How many events did you need to cancel due to the No Empty Chair policy

(requirement needing more than one candidate for a race)?  17

  1. Did you need to cancel for any other reason? If so, how many and why? 33 No 6 Yes
  2. How many candidate forums did you co-sponsor with other leagues, or other organizations? 5


1.What activities/materials did you use to Get Out the Vote? Please indicate the number distributed in the space provided.

Flyers: 14,238
Workshops: 33
Postcards: 66,439
Doorhangers: 7,255
PSAs: 46
Posters: 593
Videos: 47
Digital Signs: 65
Lawn Signs: 237
Voter Guide II Data in English and Spanish
English: 13,045
Spanish: 1,043
Other Bengali Mandarin
Palm Cards: 15,515

2.Did you use social media/digital engagement in your GOTV efforts?

    • How many posts related to GOTV did you post on your website? 7 No 31 Yes 1 No Answer for using social media; 142 posts related to GOTV
    • How many Instagram posts? 344 How many likes did your posts get? 4002
    • How many Facebook posts? 591 How many likes did your posts get? 2360
    • How many Twitter posts? 61 How many likes did your posts get? 419

 3. How many volunteers participated in GOTV? 561


How many races did you post to Vote 411 this year? 227


1. Does your League meet with the County BOE before and/or after the election? If so, please describe? 14 No/No Answer 25 Yes

2. How many new volunteers or members did your League recruit through all activities? 221

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