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Voter Services at State Convention

Voter Services on the state, county, and local level are and will continue to be extremely busy this year.  With the new reforms in our election laws, increased interest and involvement of young people in civics, and our highly polarized political climate where it is often difficult to get the facts, our mission to involve and educate people in government is all that more important.

  • On Friday afternoon at the request of the LWV of Rochester, there will be a discussion on LWVNY’s “No Empty Chair” policy for candidate forums.  This is a time for members to share your League’s experiences with this policy.  Some Leagues continue to see this policy as problematic, while others see the benefits.  We all can learn from another.
  • On Friday evening, there will be a workshop on moderating candidate forums. We would love to have a panel of our experienced moderators. Please contact Judie Gorenstein at Judiel728@aol.com if you are willing to be on the panel.  For those who are looking to become moderators or who want to run successful candidate forums, this is an excellent opportunity to learn what you should and should not do.
  • On Saturday morning, there will be an informational workshop on the new election laws. Get the facts, learn about the grant we were awarded by LWVUS, ask questions and share your ideas as to how to help make New Yorker’s first experience with early voting successful.
  • On Saturday evening there will be a Q & A workshop where attendees can ask questions concerning voter registration, candidate forums, turning out the vote, educating voters or anything relating to voter services. We are hoping to have a panel of League members who have had successes or want to share innovative ideas. Displays of materials, banners, flyers are encouraged.  These will not only be shown at workshop but will be in display throughout the convention in the sale and exhibit room.  Please contact JudieL728@aol.com if you either have display, want to be on panel, or both.
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